Mr. Richardson
4th Grade Teacher
Challenger Elementary
(September 2016)

I have noticed that my students are trying to apply the writing strategies that were presented to them during the presentation. They truly enjoyed learning content through music. 

I really enjoyed the teaching of informational and opinion writing through the study of music. It was a refreshing way for students to connect writing with music.


Ms. LaPerna
5th Grade Teacher,
McNab Elementary
(September 2016)

The students were very excited about the music they've never heard before.   They were also so surprised at the math involved. I will try to use this when we get into fractions this year.  

JazzSLAM is wonderful! Many of these children have never heard this type of music and they love it! I love the way JazzSLAM integrates the math and language arts into the music. AWESOME !!!


Mr. Dusch
5th Grade Teacher,
Dolphin Bay Elementary
(October 2016)

My students made connections to what they learned in the presentation to their opinion writing that they are currently working on in class.

What I liked most about the presentation was that they incorporated the ELA standards like narrative, opinion and informative writing! Test taking strategies as well!!!


Ms. Laben
4th Grade Teacher,
West Hollywood Elementary
(October 2016)

My students really enjoyed the JazzSLAM presentation. As a result of the presentation, students asked a lot about slavery, why it happened, where it happened and how it affected our country. I think it's amazing that my students are so interested in social justice issues and it was sparked by this presentation.

My students enjoyed the entire presentation, but their favorite parts were being involved in the music, reading the lyrics, hearing familiar songs and answering questions.


Mr. Quijada
4th Grade Teacher,
Davie Elementary
(December 2016)

Awesome experience for reducing our stress!!  Love music, Love JazzSLAM !!!

Great integration of writing, reading, history and music!!! And math too! How amazing music is! Great connection to point of view, mood, message and opinion. Let's write a curriculum of reading and music integration. This sparked great thinking on behalf of teachers.